Sinking Central Valley

Did you hear the news report in August that certain parts of the California Central Valley had sunk in some areas over 13 inches in the previous 12 months?

That’s pretty serious stuff!

Details in the report put the “sinking feeling” down to over-demand for groundwater to support crop irrigation in America’s ‘Bread Basket’: apparently, as underground lakes (“aquifers”) are used up, the ground above collapses into the void.

What can be even more disturbing is the water presently being drained from these aquifers is between 9,000 & 10,000 years old. That means rain falling today won’t start to replenish the “lake” for 10,000 years. Don’t you think it’s about time we did something to help out our great, great, great (times 400) grandchildren with their future water needs?


Well, for one thing we should probably stop WASTING the stuff.

Millions of gallons of water from our sewage plants are purified to the point it won’t hurt fish, then dumped DAILY into the Pacific Ocean, or stored in open ponds and left to evaporate. This water can be recycled by initially removing solid particulates (called “suspended solids”) with simple cloth filtration in a “filter press” from the ‘FlowPress’ portable fleet, then “re-injected” into the ground, where it will eventually find its way into the aquifers beneath our feet. It may take years, or even centuries, to “perk” its way down and, on the way, will be purified by “mother earth” and made ready for future generations.

But if we want to use it sooner, micro-filtration and other purification techniques can quickly and cheaply make it safe for irrigation and even to drink.

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