Here’s Mud in your Eye!

It has been reported that recent run-off from heavy rains after the 2015 forest fires in California has deposited large quantities of ash and soils into ‘Pine Flat Reservoir’ in Fresno County, resulting in the displacement of 200,000 acre feet of water storage.

As one of the many reservoirs responsible for the collection and storage of precious water whenever rain falls, this is worthy of concern.

*200,000 acre feet of water would supply over 440,000 average family homes per year.

Multiply this by as many reservoirs and lakes that collect and store our precious water during drought and consider how much, year after year, the build-up of mud in our reservoirs costs society in terms of lost water availability.

An answer to this growing problem is to build more dams. Good luck with that!

Alternatively, we can dredge our storage lakes and reservoirs and replace mud with water.

We can do that.


I’ll drink to that: Here’s mud in your eye!

*Based on 1 acre foot = 325,851 gals.

*Family of (4) average consumes 400gals/day.

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