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Lab Testing Filter Press
Solid Cake from filtrate
Clear water filtrate

Information Needed to Quote a Press:

  • Type of slurry to be processed
  • Amount of slurry to be processed in a given amount of time expressed in either:
  • - Gallons per minute, per hour, per day, or per week,
  • - Pounds of dry solids per time period.
  • - Number of hours per day, and days per week the process will operate.
  • % Dry solids desired in filter cake (by weight)
  • Density in lb./ft. of wet filter cake if available
  • Process operating temperature
  • Specific gravity of slurry if available
  • % Solids in slurry
  • Chemical conditioning amounts if required (D.E., etc.)
  • Will press be located inside or outside, and at what temperature extremes?
  • Desired cake thickness (Std. is 32mm -1 1/4”)
  • Desired cycle time
  • Desired closure & control automation: Units are Manual, Semi-Automatic or Automatic​