‘El-Niño’ Alert

A message for all owners of holding ponds.

Are you a producer who generates waste slurries that are held in storage ponds?

This is expected to be a very strong ‘El-Niño’ year that could generate a ‘500-year flood’ in your area. Look at the ‘1000-year flood’ that just happened in South Carolina.

Such a disaster could swamp your pond(s) and send countless tons of waste solids spilling into the environment.

Would you be ready to do the clean-up?

Could your company handle the associated fines and public backlash?

If this becomes your first experience with a flood of ‘biblical proportions’, maybe you should try to mitigate the risk before it’s too late.

Call FlowPress for a cost effective solution to reducing the solids content of your holding pond.  You’ll be a good neighbor, a good steward of the environment and save some serious money. Your insurance company will like you too!

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