Concrete Reclaim Slurry.

Concrete Reclaim Slurry.

Increasingly, ready mix producers in down-town areas of large cities are faced with the problems of concrete slurry handling and disposal.

Unlike rock and sand in any returned mix, or drum wash-out, which can be separated and washed for stockpile and reuse in future batches, what do you do with what’s left?

You can’t put it onto a recycle pile for fear of run-off.

If you put it into a storage pond, the “hot” slurry can set up and create a clean-out problem.

You can keep it in suspension by using an expensive and labor intensive stirrer-tank until it can be fed into the next batch.

These are neither practical nor cost effective solutions.

A filter press can take the slurry feed and produce a “clean” filtrate, completely free of suspended solids for tank storage and future use.

The cement solids, turned into a very low-moisture cake, can be disposed of without fear of run-off or expensive transportation or disposal costs.

Call Flowpress USA to discuss an effective and efficient solution to handling concrete reclaim slurry. 530-790-7737.


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