Here’s Mud in your Eye!

It has been reported that recent run-off from heavy rains after the 2015 forest fires in California has deposited large quantities of ash and soils into ‘Pine Flat Reservoir’ in Fresno County, resulting in the displacement of 200,000 acre feet of water storage. As one of the many reservoirs responsible for the collection and storage […]

Concrete Reclaim Slurry.

Concrete Reclaim Slurry. Increasingly, ready mix producers in down-town areas of large cities are faced with the problems of concrete slurry handling and disposal. Unlike rock and sand in any returned mix, or drum wash-out, which can be separated and washed for stockpile and reuse in future batches, what do you do with what’s left? […]

Coastal Dredging

Increasingly, the need to dredge sediment from coastal waters, whether to accommodate ever-larger ocean-going vessels, handle excavations from the construction or repair of piers, or toxic spill clean-up, can create environmental concerns from the disturbance of bay and estuary mud. A filter press can turn the dredged mud into a stackable cake suitable for non-spill […]

Brewmasters, Craft Beer and Hops

The brewing of local craft beers is a growth industry throughout the US, with many fine beers entering the field in competition with the “usual suspects” of ‘Bud’, ‘Millers, ‘Coors’, et al. The long overdue generation of tasty beers has arrived!! With it comes the need to separate the hops and other suspended solids from […]

‘El-Niño’ Alert

A message for all owners of holding ponds. Are you a producer who generates waste slurries that are held in storage ponds? This is expected to be a very strong ‘El-Niño’ year that could generate a ‘500-year flood’ in your area. Look at the ‘1000-year flood’ that just happened in South Carolina. Such a disaster could […]


On August 4th 2014 a dam holding back mine tailings slurry from the Imperial Metals copper mine on Mount Polley in British Columbia failed and sent over 3.8 BILLION gallons of water and mud spilling into a pristine Canadian environment and down into Quesinal Lake, the largest fresh water lake on earth. The slurry contained high levels of […]

Sinking Central Valley

Did you hear the news report in August that certain parts of the California Central Valley had sunk in some areas over 13 inches in the previous 12 months? That’s pretty serious stuff! Details in the report put the “sinking feeling” down to over-demand for groundwater to support crop irrigation in America’s ‘Bread Basket’: apparently, as underground […]